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  • Are ProSeries login requirements changing?

    On June 24, Intuit issued a yellow alert that says, "Beginning July 10, 2019, a new security enhancement...

  • Ohio efiles not sent to IRS

    Why do some Ohio efiles sit for days showing "Received by Intuit" and don't get sent on? Is anyone else...

  • Supporting statements not transferring

    Some supporting statements aren't transferring from the 2017 year. It appears to be only the supporting...

  • Partner's SE health insurance and QBID

    I think SE health insurance paid by a partner (entered on K-1P Additional Info 1 near the end of the form)...

  • Amish and the ACTC

    Some Amish accept CTC to the point where it zeroes out tax liability, but will not accept ACTC, which can...

  • Label printing workaround

    Regarding labels that print too far to the left: I've been flummoxed for years, too. This is an abbreviated...

  • Can we now efile a return indicating neither full-yr coverage nor an exemption from the healthcare mandate?

    Drake posted this for their users yesterday (I added the bold): Important Update - Individual Shared...

  • ProSeries gives Medicaid Gap exemption to parents but not children. Is the software doing this correctly?

    Taxpayers live in Montana which has not expanded Medicaid coverage. Their income is below 138% of FPL....

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