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  • Partnership expenses not on K-1

    A partner gets a K-1 for their partnership.  He also has some expenses they spent related to the...

  • Property related costs on trust return

      I am filing a trust return for which there are costs associated with the home of the deceased.  They are...

  • Trust Return

    How do you file Trust B return in year of death?

  • Laser printer recommendations

      I want some recommendations on a good laser printer for a home office. I do about 100 returns during tax...

  • Conversion from S corp to LLC

      My client convertied to an LLC from and S corp.  THere were minimal assets except for a car with a $2K...

  • loss on sale of home due to relocation

      I know that a loss on a sale of home is not deductible but is there any exception if the sale was due to...

  • Prior year expenses not capitalized

      I have a client that spent $35K in major renovations on an investment property in 2007.  His tax preparer...

  • Cancellation of Credit Card debt

    I have a client who got married in 2009 and she had credit card debt cancelled in 2009 as well for which...

  • LLC Start up costs

      I havew a client that incurred about $3000 in start up costs in 2009.  The LLC was formed in 2009 but the...

  • Gain or loss detail

    If I have a gain/loss report from the broker in pdf can I attach that to my return or do I have to enter...

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