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  • Kind Like Exchange Question 8824

    I have a client sold his rental property back in 12/8/18 and then bought another property to complete the...

  • How to trigger the $5500 IRA non-deductible contribution in form 8606-T

    Client have W2 income over 189k and contributed 5500 into his roth IRA account.  I do see that his previous...

  • Schedule E unallowed passive Loss

    My client is makes over 150k (single) in his W2 income and he had 2500 loss from his rental property. ...

  • Intuit Pro Series Hawaii State E-file

    I was able to e-file the 1040NR through my professional series.  But when I try to e-file Hawaii state, the...

  • Canadian Resident owns property here in USA, husband have permanent resident green card and wife has ITIN. Do I file 1040 tax return here for them?

    Currently I have a customer who lives in Cananda (have citizenship in Canada) and have rental properties. ...

  • C Corp to S Corp balance sheet

    So when a company changes from a C Corp to S Corp, then all the ending assets / liabilities on the last...

  • Question regarding change of entity form 8832

    My client is currently a LLC with 2 members in it.  They formed the LLC back in August of 2015.  Right now...

  • Question Regarding Health Insurance

    My client used to be on Obamacare, but due to the screw up in between where they cancelled my client's girl...

  • Question regarding dependents

    My client has a 18 year old son, who works for my client and earned 14k income in year of 2015.  His son...

  • Needed advice for my client's case

    Recently I have a new client came to me wanting me to file his 2013/2014 corporate tax return.  So far he...

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