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  • Depletion in Excess of Basis on Form 1065

    I have a partnership with oil & gas income.  PTO is accurately calculating the % depletion on the...

  • How do I put capital gains in column D on Form 990 Part VIII?

    I have capital gains in a nonprofit that are not related to the exemption function of the charity.  The...

  • Extension Form 8868 can not be filed electronically.

    I am filing a 1041 and 5227 for a charitable lead trust using PTO.  In trying to file the extension...

  • How do I enter an address for partnership K-1's?

    I'm filing a nonresident Mississippi return and am getting a diagnostic error "Each employer or payer on...

  • Summary info on status of returns.

    Does PTO provide any way to easily determine which returns have been filed, which are on extension, and...

  • When are electronic payments of estimated tax paid?

    If I choose electronic payment of estimated tax in PTO, when will those estimates be actually processed by...

  • Viewing and Updating the Status of an eSignature Request

    I'm trying to use eSignatures for the first time and want to know how to view the status of all of my...

  • Remove capital gain from state source on fiduciary return

    I have a Kansas fiduciary return with nonresident beneficiaries.  The fiduciary has capital gains that are...

  • HSA excess contribution

    I'm using ProConnect Online. I have a taxpayer with an employer provided HSA. The HSA is a family plan and...

  • Rental income on 1120S not qualified for 199A

    How does an S-Corp (1120S) with rental income from a triple-net lease indicate that the income does not...

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