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  • Autofill question - consistently looses entries

    Is anyone else having a problem where their entries on Schedule B and Schedule D disappear during the...

  • Large price increase

    I understand that there is a 10% price increase this year.

  • PA Partnership Extentions failing

    We are attempting to extend the partnerships we do not have done at this point.  Federal went well but PA...

  • Billing Broken Again

    Billing has been broken again. When you click on Client Billing - Section 3 - Per Form Charges - If you...

  • EIC one spouse over 65 one under 65.

    We have a married filing joint couple.  The taxpayer is 70 the spouse is 64.  They qualify for EIC (walked...

  • PA Schedule UE Broken

    On the federal, if you enter in the Educator Expenses on the Educator Expense Worksheet, when it transfers...

  • New problem broken by an update

    This was broken by the update today! In the past on a bill if your global setting was for Per Forms Charges...

  • PA Property tax rebate

    In prior years the PA Property Tax rebate came up red if the total income was higher than was allowed. ...

  • Another bug - directory for prior tax return location reset

    When doing the update this morning it reset my directory for prior year tax return location.  This is under...

  • Known bugs as of 1/24/19

    Error that was created by the last update - client is under 24 - has no investment income other than a...

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