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  • Form 1041 Fiscal Year Estate

    Client just emailed (new client) after we prepped his Mom's 1041 for her Estate to tell me that in 2017 he...

  • MA schedule INC

    Taxpayer has foreign income so there is no federal ID # for foreign wages. SCH INC is preventing E-File as...

  • Arizona Part Year resident

    Taxpayer moved to AZ in October. I filled out section 55 part year for both AZ and MA. MA correctly pulls...

  • No w2 on foreign income

    I have foreign income for which there is no W2 and I'd like to e-file. The diagnostics asks for a fed ID #...

  • Final Year deductions

    Trusts sold a piece of Real estate at a loss so my research tells me it is the trusts loss and not the...

  • Charitable Contribution by a CRT

    The CRT has made a charitable contribution which I input in box 29 of the 5227. It is not flowing through...

  • Depreciation recapture on vacation property

    Home on Nantucket (sounds like a limerick doesn't it?) served as primary residence and when Mom went into...

  • Trust funded by estate

    Deceased taxpayer funds a Health Trust for 21 beneficiaries. Complex Trust. Some beneficiaries have taken...

  • disolving c corp

    Small c corp where shareholder took low salary but drew money out for personal use.. The due to shareholder...

  • Missing social security numbers

    I am preparing a Form1041 for a deceased taxpayer for which there are 10 beneficiaries. 7 of the 10...

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