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  • rejected state efile

    If the federal return was accepted by the IRS but the state return (Michigan) was rejected, should I...

  • Any way to do a client sort for qualified charitable distributions from an IRA

    Indiana retroactively eliminated the add-back for the 2012 tax return.  I would like to find all of the...

  • passive loss final k-1

    Checked the box for final k-1 but passive losses are still being suspended.  They are suspended as passive...

  • Print efile attachment with return

    Is there a way to have lacerte 2012 print the efile pdf attachment with the return?

  • message other users

    Why won't the messages sent to other users in the network show up on other users computers.  I had one go...

  • Updates affect this return

    If I lock a return so updates don't change it, will there be a diagnostic or any other notification that an...

  • safe harbor estimates report

    Is there a report in Lacerte that I can run that will list clients that have estimates based on safe harbor...

  • FSD to ISW

    Financial statement designer conversion to 2010 intuit statement writer still seems pretty weak.  Looks...

  • indiana section 179 carryover

    If an individual receives multiple K-1s with section 179 expense and the total of the 4 is greater than...

  • passive self charged interest

    Where do you enter self charged interest received from a passive entity so that passive losses will be...

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