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  • RSU and SSAR reported as income on W-2

    compensation income in box 14 on W2 for RSU/ SSAR. Employer stock transaction worksheet and capital gain...


    client had compensation income in box 14 on W2 for RSU and SSAR.  Employer stock transaction worksheet and...

  • NY State Form IT-203-B error?

    Client did not work in NY at all in 2017 but did so in the last few weeks of 2016.  Received a W2 with all...

  • NY IT-203-B Client did not work any days in NY but W2 has wages allocated to NY?

    Clients W2 has the same amount of state wages in box 15 allocated to both his resident state (NJ) and his...

  • Does anyone else not see this when typing "proj" as a choice? I did updates to make sure I am using the most up to date version, still dont see it.

    Just received this update from intuit... To access the Tax Projections Worksheet: Click on Forms or press...

  • Rental Property 1099-A

    Client received a 1099-A for property she used as her main residence from 2004-2010.  Since 2010, the home...

  • 1099 or no 1099? Help

    My client has a cleaning service where she was contracted to clean a large chain supermarket.  Facts: 1)...

  • 81yrs old..Never took a RMD

    New client, 81yrs old. Just realized that he has 2 retirement accounts from previous employers in which he...

  • box 3 sched B - US Savings Bond

    I have a client who cashed in a bond and used it to pay for education expenses....On the 1099 the full...

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