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  • OTR Truck Driver

    Hello,  I have a client who is an OTR driver. He is leasing the truck and only pays for his lease and Gas....

  • Selling S corp.

    Hello,  I have a client who has S corp which he sold, The S corp is a convenience store that had $65,500 in...

  • A nonresident spouse living abroad?

    Can a US resident claim her husband "Non-resident "who lived abroad on her tax return and file jointly or...

  • "LLC" vs "S Corp"

    Hi,  I really appreciate any feedback and help regarding this matter.  A client of mine is running an LLC...

  • Amend schedule E

    Hello,  How to amend Sch E to include some expenses that were not included initially with the 1040 ? Thank...

  • Multi-State Business return,

    Hi,  How do i enter Multi State non resident information in pro-connect I have added the three states to...

  • C Corporate with Multi states and 1099 misc forms.

    Hello,  I have a client who is insurance and consulting industry. Most of his income comes from 1099 Misc...


    Hello,  I have a client who gets SSA-1099-SM and he made other income. so %85 of his SSA is taxable. I get...

  • How to Print Out details paperwork or worksheets?

    Hello,  How to attach any Schedule to the tax return ?  Health Saving account, Mortgage interest statement...

  • State income Tax

    Hello,  I have prepared a client's his Federal and NM state returns and filed it and they were accepted....

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