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  • 2019 program - initial thoughts

    interface is kind of cool, modernized, minimization look to it the updating progress box looks a little...

  • How to clear cleared items in bank rec

    when I do a bank rec the bank rec brings items that have been cleared. literally years ago. this makes the...

  • 1041 with 1099R and taxes withheld

    the income is passed through to the K-1, along with the federal and state tax withheld. does anyone know...

  • i have unlimited states but program says i used four and have to pay for more states.

    any idea how to get around this?

  • depreciation reports not printing

    even under print options selected to print if any data.. I know I can select them by themselves but would...

  • Tax Extenders comment in the news

    ... On top of all that, some lawmakers still want to fiddle with the tax code. They want to retroactively...

  • Ohio preparers of business returns, RITA Form 27

    RITA, which handles many cities changed Form 27 to try and handle new NOL rules. anyone working on any 2018...

  • Dependents gone tax wise for 2018 but

    on the federal information worksheet, why is there dependent information to enter..even in the detail, i...

  • Intuit commercials during NFL game Sunday

    Did anyone see those commercials.   I saw them while watching the Cleveland Browns almost upset the...

  • 2019 standard mileage rate

    58 cents per mile for each business mile, up 3.5 cents from 54.5 cents for 2018 pretty big hike. good

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