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  • Last day IRS Stops processing e-filing

    Does anyone know when the IRS stops processing tax returns (electronically). Some say a random day in...

  • Shareholder Distribution negative balance

    I do a client's bookkeeping and taxes. Their taxes before were simple, schedule C, now they are an S-corp....

  • Is 1125 required if using cash method.

    Hello, question here. Is the 1125-A required even if I am using the cash method of accounting? Under TJCA...

  • Accrual Vs. Cash Method for inventory.

    I'm a little confused on the TJCA inventory part. If we have a client who's gross profit is less than $25...

  • Onboarding clients to QBOA cash or accrual basis

    We are setting up a new accounting firm and trying to figure out the "common practice" or best method on...

  • Filing after Oct. 15th?

    I can't seem to find an answer to this. I understand the filing extension deadline was October 15th. I'm a...

  • Software for CPAs/Accountants/bookkeepers?

    Hello, if you have your own firm or work for an accounting firm, what softwares do you use for your...

  • Paying out 1099s-misc on 1065: Where to report?

    Where do I include 1099s that partner gave to contractors on form 1065? 

  • Schedule K 1065 Line 14a LLC Vs. General Partner question

    Practicing 1065s at the moment (these are scenarios). Question is; I have a partnership (2 individuals 50%...

  • Standard Mileage on 1065?

    There is a "other deductions worksheet" on ProSeries 1065, and there is a section called automobile and...

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