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  • Happy 4th to All

    I wish all a happy 4th!  I live in a small town where they train fighter pilots.  Sometimes when it gets...

  • Memorial Day Thanks

    To those who have served, and still serve in the reserves, there is only one thing to say.  Thank you.  It...

  • Extra Storage Space

    Anyone looking for inexpensive storage space can't go wrong with this deal from Best Buy.  I don't know how...

  • Words of Wisdom

    1.  A day without sunshine is like night. 2.. On the other hand, you have different fingers. 3. 42.7...

  • Archie Leach has left the building

    I know that many of you are aware of the selfless time and answers given by Archie Leach.  Yesterday he...

  • Auto donation/ purchase at auction

    Client goes to an auto auction put on by a qualified charity.  He purchases a car which barely runs,...

  • Anyone in the Lincoln/Roseville CA area?

    I have a client who just died and apparently left a trust. This is beyond what we do. Her son needs help....

  • We miss you, Henry.

  • Carbonite Renewal Offer

    Here's the latest renewal offer from Carbonite.  If you go for a 2 year renewal, the discount is 5%.

  • Northern CA Bay Area Home-Service Business For Sale

    F/Y 2014 FOOTNOTES Gross Revenue         ~ $89,000      Discounts given       ~$5,000  (multi-client at...

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