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  • 2018 need SC form

  • Need to paper file NY state, Proseries won't allow electronic.

    And NY won't allow paper filing. Client has a refund coming, must file. Called support and they said print...

  • Land included in cost - no X?

    Federal Asset Worksheet 8825 - Partnership -  Error at Land included in cost "Entry should not be the...

  • Form IL-2210 unchecked causes error!!

    Illinois Information Worksheet, Part IV. Check if you do not want to file Illinois Form IL-2210 (see...

  • Login verification. Where do I change phone number Intuit calls?

    This is for Proseries.

  • Receive Payment, won't take amount larger than what is due?

    Example.  ABC Co owes me 304.00. I receive payment of 400.00. The window at bottom left should say: Leave...

  • Windows 7 not compatible with Proseries 2019. Upgrade stories?

    Don't really want to buy 7 new computers. Anyone done the Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 upgrade yet? (Because...

  • date defaults by displaying

    where do you configure the date to appear by default in Step 5 on the IL 8453? We have one workstation that...

  • wisconsin information worksheet - Part II Main - fix

    If you check in Part II - Main Form, Form 1NPR and TP Nonresident of Wisconsin, then Part 1 Personal...

  • 1040 NR print problems?

    Support was supposed to send me instructions on removing and reinstalling 1040 NR if I had printing...

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