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  • retained earnings showing gross receipts instead of income

    Never had this problem. The balance sheet is adding in gross receipts into retained earnings instead of ...

  • is there an exception when transferring an annuity to a trust?

    Have some clients wanting to transfer annuities to their trust. I thought there was an exception so they...

  • qbi safe harbor statement no not showing all properties

    Just talked with to Lacerte and no known answer or reason. I have one with 5 properties and none show on...

  • Trust not estate.

    Someone brought in Trust they needed completed. Whoever did last year had mistakenly marked it as an...

  • Safe harbor QBI Aggregate statement rental properties?

    Are we suppose to be typing a statement to attach along with the Safe harbor statement for Real estate...


    Why is the safe harbor real estate election for both husband and wife when all the properties belong to the...

  • carry over loss business use of home

    Sold home meets exclusion for primary but had used for office in the home. Depreciation was never allowed...

  • ohio school district 401k

    Have a students Ohio generic sd100 the amount of the 401k  of $160 is not being added back in. I have the...

  • amended return is not generating

    Figures are not pulling over on amended return. Anyone know why thx michele

  • Irrevocable special needs trust exemption?

    I have an irrevocable special needs trust set up by the mother for the daughter and daughter's brother is...

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