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  • If Intuit doesn't want me here, why don't they just say so?

    This place is driving me crazy.  Friday night I couldn't log into this place because it didn't recognize my...

  • Hey, it's been fun again

    It's about that time of year where some folks stick a fork in it and call it done.  So before everybody...

  • Are we having fun yet?

    Ashley, Jeff, Matt, and Richard: Even though the mobs are stocking up on pitchforks and torches, there are...

  • To all the folks that were ready to jump off the roof because they couldn't transmit at 12:01 this morning

    You really need to learn some patience.  In order to achieve that goal I hope you all are able to have a...

  • Minnesota Problem - Any updates coming for line 2 of the individual return (M-1)?

    So I decide to get adventurous and actually prepare the couple of returns I have in the door. It's early so...

  • Curiosity killed the coyote

    Why do we have "Announcements" that tell taxpayers where to go to get free help on a forum that is supposed...

  • Solar eclipse side effects?

    Normally I have 1 or 2 clients that push the extension deadline, but this year I have a bushel basket full...

  • Does Ashley have the day off today?

    Because of the holiday, I'm not working today, but I was curious if Intuit was allowing its employees to...

  • Sounds like TaxGuyBill has lost one of his competitors

    But I use the term "competitor" loosely.  Sounds like this little lady left a lot of carnage behind her:...


    Ok, maybe they are free everyday, but the word FREE always seems to get attention here.  I just wanted to...

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