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  • Looks like we are melting

    I went to look for an old post done by the friendly grammar Nazi and noticed that his profile is showing -1...

  • Happy Turkey Day !!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!  Well at least all that read this post.  I assume that most of the folks reading...

  • It's Tuesday today, so that means...…………...

    On second thought, I don't know what that means, but as long as I'm here- Ole was looking for a job and...

  • Congratulations to George!

    George - I knew you were getting close, but I didn't realize that you had passed Chuck for the number 3...

  • News alert for George

    George - I see that you are closing in on Chuck's spot on the wall of fame.  I do have to inform you that...

  • Words to motivate you

    Every now and then I feel that this group needs some motivation to get you through the daily grind.  So in...

  • Anybody else have these dates picked yet?

    I just received an e-mail from ProSeries asking if wanted to earn some extra money helping TurdoTax...

  • Government employees aren't as helpful as they used to be.

    So I'm working out of the office and the last couple of days, my cell phone rings about 4 different times...

  • Hey, the party is just about over

    Everybody is busy mopping up today ----------------- some of us need bigger mops than others, so it is time...

  • And now, a word (or words) from Clarence

    This was in the Frostbite Falls Gazette the other day and thought I would share with everyone.  We can all...

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