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  • what is correct due date for individual?

     Lacerte shows both 4/17 &4/18. We are on version 38.0130 and 38.0201. Taxpayers in same state.

  • Georgia 600S, the PVCORP stopped printing

    After Tuesday's update, the Georgia payment voucher stopped printing with the completed returns.  We have...

  • Claud 101 is back

    See his reply on Thursday evening in "if you inherit stock, and then sell the stock, what do you use as...

  • Georgia users-Thursday's update 37-0207

    Looks like update 37-0207 gave us some usable state software.

  • Lacerte DMS back on the chopping block?

    The new ProConnect announcement includes "Intuit DMS was made available for purchase again in Tax Year 2015...

  • proforma to 2015 (in 2014) now grayed out

    Updated 2014 Lacerte today 3/23/2016.  Prior S corp client just called & wants to come back-the grass...

  • Georgia corporation on extension.

    Georgia corporation on extension.  GA requires attachment of Fed 7004 as PDF when eventually file the state...

  • need update letter for version 12.1.3.

    The letter had some links concerning tips.  Blew always the letter/notice too soon! Thanks.

  • Georgia users of Lacerte business modules?

    Lynn Riley, Revenue Commissioner and Lacerte (Ron Williams) got the certification of the business modules...

  • Question for PS users: Able to file C, S & P'ship?

    Lacerte doesn't even list a date for these Georgia forms to be "released".  For the heck of it, I called...

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