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  • Preparer name still printing on signature line

    Answered "No" to preparer name printing on signature line of 1040 but it is still printing.  How to remove it.

  • Oregon Estate Tax Return

    When filing an Oregon Estate tax return where there are two beneficiaries, one an Oregon resident and the...

  • Form 1041

    To file a short year 1041 for 2011, do you need to manually crossout all the 2010 references before filing...

  • Gain/Loss on Casualty

    If all the insurance proceeds are used to rebuild the rental to its pre-fire condition except for the...

  • 3 Bus. Veh with Employer Reimb on Each.

    Have a client with 3 automobiles that were used and Employer reimbursement received on all 3 vehicles. How...

  • First Time Home Buyers Credit

    Problem Solved. Form 5405 problem solved. Do not put an amount in the "override" box and put the $37500 in...

  • First Time Home Buyers Credit

    Form 5405 is not appearing with the completed return and is saying the return can not be e-filed. I have 2...

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