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  • C-Corp E-Extend rejected

    I have a few fiscal year C-corporations with a year end of 6/30/19.  When I tried to E-Extend before...

  • Simple Trust and Sec 199A

    I have a (Very) simple trust.  100% of the income flows out to the Sole Beneficiary.  For 2018, the only...

  • 2017 Proforma (to 2018)

  • Telephone support (6/5/18)

    I have been calling support today (6/5/18).  I am only getting a busy signal.Is their phone...

  • 1065 schedule M-3 for 2015

    I have a Rental Partnership Form 1065 with Gross Rents of $3.0 million.  It only meets the requirements to...

  • Oregon Kicker Allocation

    The Oregon Kicker may need to be allocated under certain conditions like divorce, new spouse or other.  Is...

  • Split Schdule C

    Does Lacerte "automatically" split a joint schedule C or do I have to do it manually. Currently, I get a...

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