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  • Customer Service Message Error

    I am receiving an error message after e-filing returns. Something about "Cannot receive customer service...

  • Standard Letter Bug

    There is an irritating bug in the standard letter. If you have a client that has OVERPAID the tax, but due...

  • TX Franchise Tax Printing Issue

    On mine at least, the Texas Franchise Tax return prints a duplicate Filing, Client and Preparer copy even...

  • Form 1116 in 1041 Explanation Statement

    The explanation statement for Part III, Line 10 of the Form 1116 is not printing with the return.

  • Client Presentation Error

    In the first paragraph of the last page it refers to "2014" information instead of 2015. Oops!

  • Purchase of Royalty Interest

    Taxpayer purchased her sister's royalty interest for a fixed sum that has no relation to reserves, etc....

  • Self-Employed Health Insurance Deduction

    Does anyone have any on-point references, articles, etc. regarding the availability of the SE Health...

  • Form 8283 Required Info

    Well, since last update PS has decided that entries for Form 8283 require the Acquisition Date and Cost...

  • IRS Letters - Return Already Filed

    How many of you have been contacted by clients who have received a letter from the IRS questioning a return...

  • Rev Proc 2015-20

    Everyone needs to see this ASAP. Looks like relief has arrived!

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