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  • Update on 02/22/2017

    Today's update that was available a little while ago fixes the dropdown box problem and adds the choice to...

  • As Holidays Approach, IRS Reminds Taxpayers of Refund Delays in 2017 2016 EIC and...

  • Five Individuals Arrested for Fraud in IRS Phone Scams

    WASHINGTON — J. Russell George, Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA), announced the...

  • Elizabeth Warren Wants To Take Down Turbo Tax

  • Missouri Part-Year Resident

    Are there any Missouri tax preparers here? It appears that the software doesn't automatically prepare the...

  • Moving expenses for a boat

    This is probably a silly question, but can the cost of moving a boat be deducted as moving expenses?  The...

  • Stepped Up Basis for Surviving Spouse with Non-Joint Ownership

    Client sold farm equipment for $25,000, which was owned 100% by her spouse who died last year.  The...

  • Like Kind Exchange for Vehicle Used Partly for Business

    I've been depreciating a Code B1 truck for a client that was used partly for business each year.  Actual...

  • Clients Received Their Check and Someone Else's Check from Michigan

    I received a call earlier today from a client who received their MFJ check from the State of Michigan, and...

  • ACA Penalty Example With Qualifying Relative as a Dependent

    I'm working on a return today that has some not-so-normal situations, so I thought I would post it (for...

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