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  • Where to FIND all the accurate FACTS, without all the chatter

    Checkpoint by Thompson Reuters (for those $$$$ really in Business, its not cheap) Bob Jennings, EA, CPA Tax...

  • How Does One contact a Moderator

    It was not about a complaint, but to ask a serious "community" question I see Ashley has been actively...

  • PrintScreen by Gadwin just sharing here a powerful tool

    This is ab awesome, powerful tool to use on any, (any) screen you can display on your monitor, it IS NOT...

  • Failure to transmit, error 702

    Several of us had this error, here is Lacerte's detailed explanation of the update ..324 as to why this...

  • Corp B/S ClassificationS; Assets, Liabilities, ~Stock~ & ~RE~ (separate!) & Equity

    Quickbooks CONTROLS what accounts can and can NOT be sub accounts. QBooks will not allow RE to be a sub...

  • s-corp Print K-1 pagkage (only)

    Anyone having problem in Print screen selecting K-1 Package only Every other option in my program prints,...

  • Bank Reconciliation after reconciled, sort options?

    In most QBooks reports sorting "by" is available In the Bank reconciliation (process!) that is possible, BY...

  • Bank Reconciled Debits & Credits, "Month!" Cleared in?

    Every receipt and disbursement that clears through a bank reconciliation shows up in the registers with...

  • Moving expenses CA to Oregon, Calif deductible ""IF""

    I doubt it "Moving expenses deductible in state moved into!, not out of. ??Exception question Cal...

  • Lacerte Not report ACA status

    LACERTE = Selecting Silent Designation: Go to Screen 39.1, Health Coverage, Exemptions, & Misc. Enter a...

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