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  • General question: Can you verify whether a return has been filed with the IRS if no refund?

    Question came up from a friend of a client:  Can you go to the IRS website and verify whether a prior year...

  • Wishing everyone a happy last week

    Just wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy last week in this hectic, "interesting" tax...

  • OT: Why do people procrastinate???

    It is October 10th.  I am sitting here waiting for clients to bring in information.  I am waiting for...

  • Merry Christmas

    Just wanted to wish everyone here a: Merry Christmas Happy Hanukkah (though I know is if officially over)...

  • Has anyone heard from Debi lately? I miss her fairie dust.

    Please check in once in a while.   Just want to make sure you are okay.

  • OT - A Survey: What research materials do you use?

    I thought I had asked this before but I could not find anything.  With an additional work staff moving over...

  • Deleting a company listed on opening screen

    I'm not even sure how to ask this.  When you first open Quickbooks and you have the company files you have...

  • Dont answer any questions right now

    Per Host Jeff: Please hold off on answering questions on Community   Right now, the answers that you...

  • Transferring client files from another program to Pro Series

    Good morning all.  We are looking into buying another practice that does not use Intuit products.  Do we...

  • Restore a backup file from email

    My client just emailed me a Quickbooks 2012 backup file that I am having trouble restoring.  Probably...

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