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  • loan account setup

    When setting up a loan account qbooks automatically puts it in the current liability section. I know you...

  • What is the useful life of hay tarps?

    We have a client that purchased over $100K  of high quality, custom fitted hay tarps for the ton bale...

  • Lacerte DOB bust

    Just want to let you know of a bust I found in entering the DOB for at least the taxpayer and the spouse....

  • Lacerte forms availability link

    PSA Here is the link that shows the current status of the various forms Lacerte supports for those...

  • Form 8882 recapture on a 1065 (Employer provided daycare facility)

    I am lost again. I see where to enter it on the 1040, but it originated on the 1065, can anyone help me...

  • What is a personalized answer to my question?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  • New critical diag.

    I just want to say I appreciate the new critical diag regarding is the bank account correct. It should help...

  • Is there an option to force 1040 clients to efile?

    Is there somewhere in options to default (force) that indivdual returns have to be e-filed? A good...

  • New MeF 1040

    With the new MeF 1040, are the Thursday at noon drain time cut off and direct deposit dates still the same...

  • Recovery Rebate, Lacerte, & IRS not the same?

    In 07, client filed MFJ, with 5 dep under age of 17. Tax before credits was $783. Recieved stimulus payment...

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