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  • I am due an Income Tax Refund ...

    I am so glad the IRS sent me an email to alert me of my income tax refund.  It sounds easy to claim too,...

  • Depreciation of Qualified Improvement Property - 15 years versus 39 years

    I just noticed this screen (see picture) in the Information page in ProSeries. It gives us the option to...

  • Safe Harbor for §199A Rentals

    I haven't read it yet, but hot off the press: .03 Safe harbor....

  • Box 2 of 1098-T

    I just wanted to give everybody a 'heads up' that it seems like there are a number of colleges issuing...

  • Distributions in Excess of Basis

    I am completely incompetent with balance sheets, so please be gentle with me.  :smiley: I think I'm doing...

  • Minnesota Nonconformity: @%@#&%$!%$@!

    I've purposely been avoiding reading the Minnesota emails about 2018 taxes.  I finally gave in and realized...

  • New ProSeries Package - For New Customers Only

    Wow, Intuit has a rather nice new package for some of the smaller sized tax practices. 200 returns of ANY...

  • Taxable Business Vehicles? Taxable Accountable Plans?

    I haven't had time to really research this yet, but I hope my brain is scrambled and I'm missing something...

  • Charitable Contribution from Inventory - Reduce SE Tax?

    Hmmm.  I saw this on another forum, and I may have been doing it incorrectly.  I'll get your thoughts about...

  • What the heck is this?

    I just tried to log in to ProSeries, and it asked me about "street signs". Is this a new annoyance/security...

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