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  • Will an enrolled agent lose their license if they file for personal bankruptcy?

  • Do school bus service fees qualify for the Education Expense Credit in Illinois?

  • Can an au pair be claimed as a dependent?

  • Indiana Tax and Illinois Employment

    A client that lives in IN and works in IL. The IN return only gives partial credit (68%) for taxes withheld...

  • Installment Agreements

    Does the IRS allow two installment agreements for different years at the same time?

  • Start of the work day

    If an employee travels directly to a client, when does their work day legally begin? When they leave home...

  • PA W-2 Local Wages

    I have a 2009 Pennsylvania W-2 with local wages and withholdings for PILST in box 20. Any idea on what...

  • Casualty Loss? Carryback?

    A client withdrew $600K in 2006 from his 401(k) to invest in a private company. His partner took all the...

  • Married Couple Claimed as Dependents

    Can a married couple, who had no income, both be claimed as dependents by a parent providing greater than...

  • Schedule E, letter J "Other passive exceptions"

    Schedule E, letter J "Other passive exceptions." What does this box mean? I had a 2008 suspended loss on...

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