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  • PDF size increased from last year

    I know this has been addressed on here before. Just wondering if there is any way to get the PDF size down...

  • How to transmit NJ 1065?

    Software is rejecting NJ partnership returns and says the defect will be fixed in a future update. The...

  • Can anyone actually change the print order for the organizer?

    I'm printing my organizer and would like the slip sheet to print at the end and I told the software to do...

  • Any reason why we moved the health insurance check box off the federal info sheet?

    Was that just to aggravate preparers?

  • Tax Planning for Sale of 1065

    A client of ours sold their partnership in 2015. My boss wants to use the software to start planning. It...

  • Is income from 1099-R, code 4, considered investment income for dependents?

    I'm preparing a 2012 return. The client is a dependent and has a 1099-R, code 4, with the IRA box checked....

  • Any clever way to keep track of address changes?

    My boss wants me to keep track of new addresses for clients as they change in between tax season. He...

  • First ext ready to EF in client status

    Being bored and looking through the software e-file options I see a setting to only transmit returns when...

  • Having trouble e-filing MFJ federal and MFS state

    I have a client that just got married. One spouse lives & works in PA and then lives with the other...

  • Home Sale Worksheet problem with PA

    I'm reporting the sale of a principal residence and have no problem with the federal form but when I go to...

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