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  • Intuit has it all

    I got bored so I clicked on "tags" on the bottom of the community page and found that Intuit provides many...

  • QB 2014 Bank Feed Transaction List Redesign

    Since the release of the 2012 program, I have been trying to convince clients that it is now O.K. to use...

  • Sec. 754 step-up - depreciable life and method

    Can anyone provide a citation of authority on useful life (and method for that matter) to be used to...

  • How to report ESPP without form 3922?

    How do I report ESPP proceeds from stocks that were held more the 10 years and had to be sold recently due...

  • cover sheet

    is there anywhere in the program to generate a cover sheet, any kind of cover sheet?

  • Timeslips to QB export

    How do I export the customer LIST from Timeslips to QuickBooks Pro?

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