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  • Reporting an Education Distribution Form 1099-Q in the Individual Module

    From the article: Problem Description A Form 1099-Q reporting an education distribution was issued to the taxpayer and needs to be reported on the 1040.

  • Attaching PDF Documents to a 1040 Return

    From the article: Problem Description How do I attach PDF documents to an Individual e-file return?... Solution Description To attach a PDF to the Federal e-file return: Go to Screen 4, Electronic Filing .

  • Entering Form 1099-SA Health Savings Account Information

    From the article: Problem Description How do I enter Form 1099-SA, HSA Health Savings Account Information?... Solution Description To enter 1099-SA: Go to Screen 32.1, Health Savings Accounts (8889) Scroll down to the  Distributions section Enter the amount from 1099-SA,

  • Important Information Concerning Acknowledgments Extensions and the April 18th Deadline

    From the article: Description To assist with the approaching April 18th deadline, below you will find important electronic filing deadline information, including guidelines on the IRS "perfection periods" available to correct and resubmit returns that are rejected on

  • Entering Home Mortgage Interest and Other Information from Form 1098

    From the article: Problem Description Where do I enter amounts from Form 1098 for home mortgage interest?... Solution Description To enter Form 1098, box 1 & box 2 : Go to Screen 25, Itemized Deductions Scroll down to the Interest section Hold down Ctrl+E in, Home mortgag

  • ACA Coverage Considered Unaffordable Exemption Code A FAQs

    From the article: Description Coverage is considered unaffordable - Was the amount you would have paid for employer-sponsored coverage or a bronze level health plan (depending on your circumstances) more than eight percent (8.05%) of your actual household income for t

  • Entering Total Qualified Student Loan Interest Paid From 1098-E for Form 1040 Line 33

    From the article: Problem Description Where do I enter Total Qualified Student Loan Interest Paid?... Solution Description To enter the amount for the interest paid: Go to Screen 24, Adjustments to Income .

  • 1099-B Proceeds From Broker and Barter Exchange Transaction

    From the article: What information is provided on a 1099-B and where is it entered?... Solution Description Brokers and barter exchanges must report proceeds from transactions to you and the IRS on Form 1099-B.

  • Norton Blocking Message for!g6

    From the article: Some users with Norton anti-virus software are getting a message that it is detecting malware.... The file located is name!g6 Solution Description It will be necessary to Turn the Sonar protection off.

  • Printing Form 9325 as an Electronic Filing Receipt

    From the article: How do I print my a receipt to show an electronically filed return was accepted?... How do I print Form 9325 Acknowledgment and General Information for Taxpayers Who File Returns Electronically?