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  • Error Printing to PDF - "The 'rect' variable may not be NULL when printing..."

    From the article: Error Printing to PDF - "The 'rect' variable may not be NULL when printing to windows' device context."

  • Form 8879 and Form 9325 Submission ID does not populate after Electronic Return is Accepted

    From the article: In the 2013 ProSeries Federal 1040, Form 8879 and Form 9325 the Submission ID (SID) field fails to populate after the return is electronically filed and an Accepted acknowledgment is received.

  • Printing - ErrorCode 2

    From the article: When printing a return an error message dialog box is displayed Referencing ErrorCode: 2 .... This error is known to occur in the rare event when the number of items being printed as part of the client file exceeds the maximum allowable number of items i

  • EasyACCT Year End Close Processes

    From the article: What are the Year End Closing Processes?... Closing the Year invokes certain processes to perform in the background that prepare each module for current year data entry.

  • Entering Amounts from a Form 1099-MISC in the Individual Module

    From the article: Where should the income from a 1099-MISC be entered?... 1099-MISC, Rents (box 1) or Royalties (box 2): See the Instructions for Schedule E See Entering Rental and Royalty Income for an Individual Return (Schedule E) 1099-MISC, Other income (box 3): Go to

  • December 9 2016: IRS News Release Announces Start Date for the 2017 Electronic Filing Season

    From the article: Description In a News Release issued on December 9, 2016, the IRS announced the start date for the 2017 filing season will be January 23, 2017.

  • Attempting to Log Into Lacerte 2016 the Program Closes (32-bit System)

    From the article: Description When attempting to log into Lacerte 2016, the program closes after entering your login credentials.

  • Reporting an Education Distribution Form 1099-Q in the Individual Module

    From the article: Problem Description A Form 1099-Q reporting an education distribution was issued to the taxpayer and needs to be reported on the 1040.

  • Attaching PDF Documents to a 1040 Return

    From the article: Problem Description How do I attach PDF documents to an Individual e-file return?... Solution Description To attach a PDF to the Federal e-file return: Go to Screen 4, Electronic Filing .

  • Entering Form 1099-SA Health Savings Account Information

    From the article: Problem Description How do I enter Form 1099-SA, HSA Health Savings Account Information?... Solution Description To enter 1099-SA: Go to Screen 32.1, Health Savings Accounts (8889) Scroll down to the  Distributions section Enter the amount from 1099-SA,