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Ohio Small Business Deduction

Will this be an automatic entry or will it have to be determined and computed by the preparer?

  • Also the necessary form IT SBD is not listed as a form on the module
  • I really hope ProSeries reconsiders supporting IT-SBD.  Can they at least include the form so that we can fill-in on their software?  Has anyone seen a fill-in form yet?
  • Lizard, as it is not required to be filed I do not see them adding it to the forms list.  You can download it from the Oh Dept of Taxation website.  I recommend keeping a copy of it in your client file for the year.

Hi everyone,

ProSeries will not be supporting the IT SBD. There is a new article that includes some more information on this form that I'm linking to below:



  • Thanks Tracy.  Just an FYI - I emailed the Ohio Dept of Taxation and asked if the IT SBD had to be attached to the return and they emailed me back and said no but to keep a copy for your own records.

This is unacceptable.  Worked with Proseries for a long time. Scanning and adding this to a lot of returns will eat up lots of time.

  • You don't need to send it in with the tax return.  Just keep a copy for your records.
  • In reading the form and the instructions it does not state this.  I did confirm with ODOT that it is not required but recommended.  Still it would be great to have it in the forms.  Thank you for your posting as this will make the season a little easier!
  • I couldn't tell from the instructions either so I emailed the Dept of Taxation and asked them.  I agree that it would be nice to have the form in the program.
  • TY again, Have a good season
  • Thanks.  Hope your season is great.

FWIW-pulled this link from purchase page of proseries. Doesn't look like form is supported this year.

EDIT_Cross checked IN list, does not mean much. Isn't complete, have a form or 2 not listed that they added a year or two ago.

  • TY, I think the issue has been resolved.  See posting above.

This was not a last minute tax change, so I think PS should have included it in this years software. I agree with CincinnatiCPA that it does affect a lot of our clients. Almost anyone with a profit on Sch C, E or F. This along with the late finalizing of the city forms indicates an internal problem at PS that I hope they are addressing. They do seem to have no trouble updating their own billing system each year with price increases. LET THE BUYER BEWARE!

    Until the Update Report tells you that the forms you need are Final, the best thing to do is accept that some waiting is required before you can complete the tax return.

    If you click the yellow bar right above the forms in ProSeries, you will notice that there are two more release dates before the last OH form is ready. At that time, if the instructions still tell you to go to the state website for an additional form, that is what you will need to do.


    • Thank you, I am well aware of how to tell if there are more release dates.  The govt instructions are simply the same instructions that you would get at the state websites, they are not ProSeries.  But ty for your response
    Dear Cincy, first of all I never posted how many times I have answered, etc.; that was another user. Secondly, no one has ever called me "great guru," so thank you. Thirdly, I might be occasionally self-righteous, and once or twice an idiot, but I am never a "SELF-RIGHTEOUS IDIOT." I think that is an oxymoron.

    I readily admit i should not have included this "That's your answer. It is not included in PS. Now before you go off half-cocked complaining about how much money you spend on tax prep software, take a chill pill. It happens. Get over it. Move on." I anticipated when I should not have.

    Since you have been here before, many times, you might have read some of the users who should not be on this forum, either because they are not real tax professionals or because they are not polite people. Many people complain about paying so much, yada yada, and since we do not work at Intuit we cannot help them. BUT THEY YELL AT US ANYWAY.

    (ps Don't say "rat's ass." You'll get bleeped.)

    BTW, your statement, "His answer did not add anything nor answered anything that was not easily obtained by anyone with a modicum of intelligence regarding the use of the program." I still insist that your question assumes that the Intuit employees answer questions "REGULARLY." That is a false assumption, sorry.

      Drake Tax software has the form IT-SBD NOW!  Seems PS better get their act together or I will be changing software Next year

        The form does NOT need to be included with the return. It is merely a worksheet to determine the deduction.

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