Will QuickBooks 2014 have softer colors in the interface/homepage and forms?

I appreciate the opportunity to ask questions on the QuickBooks General Forum for Accountants.  I would like to know if anyone can tell me if QuickBooks 2014 have softer colors in the interface/homepage and forms?  As a QuickBooks (QB) ProAdvisor for the past 13 years (since 2000), I have generally been very supportive of Intuit and QB...but I still have a problem using QB 2013 due to its harsh colors of the software interface, the home page and some of the forms.  I have purchased and used every version of QB in my accounting practice since 1999 but I have refused to use QB 2013 due to the harsh colors.  That is, the bright white homepage and black bars.  I have recommended to all of my QB clients not to purchase QB 2013 but rather stay with QB 2012...with the hope that Intuit will soften the software colors in QB 2014..  Changing the color of a few bars does not resolve the problem.  Some of the forms (Bill, Check, etc.) are also too bright.  Intuit needs to return the option to allow us to change QB form colors.  So I have asked Intuit once again via the Intuit feedback feature to please change the interface/homepage and soften the colors!  I for one look at QB 12 hours per day, 5 to 6 days per week and my 66 year old eyes just cannot take the harsh bright colors!  Does anyone else feel the same way?  I would appreciate some feedback.  Thank you.


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I agree.  Version 2013 interface is a big disaster.  The fonts are too big, the vertical scroll bar on the forms is too small, the white background with light grey letters is too hard on the eyes, the Bill To/Ship To boxes are too small, etc. 

There is nothing good about 2013.
Intuit does not care about us vocal "whiners".
If 51% of the users don't have a problem with the new 2013 interface, than Intuit probably views it as a success.  Instead of trying to perfect and improve QB to its maximum potential, Intuit tries to find reasons/excuses not to change the program.
They have changed the interface, are done with it, and are now on to other projects.  Intuit rarely goes back and fixes annoyances/deficiencies.

Just like version 2013, Intuit is now forcing this new forum down our throats.
What a joke.
This is not a forum.
It is a rambling blog with a list of questions with no organization.
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