What to Look For In Accounting Software

Reporting & Analytics (westhill financial) - The chief reason for employing accounting software is accountability.  Reports are very important may it be accountability to a board of directors, tax reviewers, and managers or investors.  The top most accounting software offers a wide-range of preconfigured reports the capacity to generate reports.  There are also few accounting software that provides small businesses with analysis tools, business-plan creators and forecasting tools.  How easily you can share reports and formatting options for those reports are also important to consider.

General Accounting. All accounting software in this review involves basic accounting features like the following; accounts receivable, accounts payable, invoicing, billing, general ledger and purchasing.  The difference among the products is how well they handle these functions and how their modules can be customized.  Every module counted in general accounting features may also vary between products.  An example is some software provides accounts payable and accounts receivable as individual modules, and other applications provide them both in an integrated package.

Payroll & Employees. We evaluated payroll and HR tools for those who need to manage employees.  We contemplate at the diversity of information that you can store, like multiple pay levels or skill sets, as well as automatic features including the ability to calculate payroll tax, make automatic deposits, and pay into 401(k) accounts and track hours worked

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Inventory & Services. This decisive factor includes sellable items like physical inventory, services or projects billed by time or job.  Inventory, vendors, quantities, re-order points, stock locations, barcodes, costs and more are being track by inventory modules.  Job and time billing modules incorporates the capability to bill and track services by time or by job.  Relying upon the accounting system you prefer to handle your project, you might need to purchase inventory, time or job-costing modules separately.  There are products that have a bound on how many inventory items they can manage; if an amount is stated by the provider, we note that number in the review.

Automated & Integration Features.  This can make your scheduled tasks simpler or even automatic because these tools include convenience.  The convenience features are the things such as remote access, automatic backup, search tools and batch processing.  Integration features are also included such as the ability to work with payroll services, add POS workstations and process credit cards.

Scalability. Scalability measures how easily software can support a rising company with growing needs in terms of the modules it necessitates, and also the number and type of users, and the company’s geographical dispersion.  If your company’s target is growth, you require an accounting program that can easily grow with your company.


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