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Rejected code R0000-902

Is anyone have a problems with Return Rejected code R000-902? lot of my clients is been rejedted without filing their return


       Did I mention you people were hunting the wrong beast.  Oh, I mentioned it three times in this thread.  This error code is not identiy theft.  Quit trying to solve wrong problem.  515 is error code not 902.  Try changing DCN to something different or at least try something.


      TaxWise has been sending out email news regarding reject codes 901 & 902 that appear to be related to IRS and state piggyback returns (I do not have experience with the state EFiling).  It appears that IRS is separating the federal from the state on some returns and then there are 2 returns so the reject occurs.  They were recommending a workaround for resubmitting the part that has not been accepted.  (If that is what this is about I am so glad we do not have state income tax here).     All of this also shows that often times this is something that should not be tried "at home" (DIY)!

      • Sounds like Phoebe gets another shiny new nickel.  Sharon is there a way to copy the e-mail here so that the DIYer's can see it?
      • @ Sewcpa, That would make more sence, .. Texas does not have state taxes, but i did recieve unemployeement last year.. Which would fall into what you have described because even the IRS says they have nothing on record for me for 2011.
      • Btw, Would you happen to kow where to find the work around????
      • The TaxWise notice said: My state e-file is IRS rejected ...901.  Why? If you submit both the federal and the linked state MeF  it is possible that the state e-file will be processed by the IRS before the federal e-file to which it is linked. If so the state submission will be rejected with error State-901 or State-902. When the IRS is processing the linked MeF state, it is validating that the 1040 submission ID associated with the linked MeF state is in accepted status.  {In TaxWise affects Alabama, Ark, CO, Idaho, Indiana, ILL, KS, MI, MO, OK, & WI} "Action: You will need to resubmit the State e-file by opening the return, running diagnostics, creating the e-file and sending the e-file." (I think this means as standalone.) GOOD LUCK

        I think that is a duplicate DCN.  Make sure any other computers are set to begin at least 1000 numbers higher than others so they don't get duplicated.  Go into return and middle of info sheet change DCN to a different number.

      • No  it not the DCN: because it just one computer also the R0000-902  is saying  error for  Taxpayer Tin int return header must not be the same as a TIn of a previously accepted electronic return for the return type and tax period incdicated in the tax return. do anyone one else have this problems
      • it means another return has been filed with that same ss--is this client a college student? claiming self when parents claiming as dependent--could be a typo-could be identity theft quite honestly 902 on the list i pulled up is something else entirely-so am a bit confused
      • Where can I find the list of error codes.  Tks
      • think this is correct link-should be searchable,,id=180182,00.html

      That Why  IRS is not looking into this matter it appear that I'am the only one with this Rejected code R0000-902, it it not 29 it's a new code for new system everytime i get it IRS is tell me to paper file the return.

      Thank everyone for your input

      •  llilsugar - please answer Moderator Dave's question about what type of return.
      • You are exactly right. I received the same rejection code when I tried to file through Jackson Hewitt last week. I contacted the IRS and they stated to me that I was unable to file electronically and only would be able to file by paper. I was also informed by them they someone has used my ss number so it was listed as a duplicate filing when I tried to file electronically. It's really a pain because now I have to go through all the steps with filing on paper also send in other forms to prove I am me and was also informed that I have to wait between 120 days to receive a refund because now they have to do a fraud investigation. If you all are receiving the same rejection you may want to contact the irs and find out exactly why just to make sure you are not in the same boat as I am. Hope this information helps.
      •  What program did you use?
      • It was bad enough when this place was being overrun with TTers, now we have Block Heads and Jackson Blewitt fans joining in?
      • @tilt53 I don't know what software jackson hewitt used but I do know I'm never going to file my taxes there again because this is the first time this has ever happened to me.
      • If in fact someone has used your SSN to file a return - which is happening - it is the thief to blame.   This is the reject code one of my clients received, and in fact, it was identity theft.  Please call the IRS as soon as you can to see if they can stop the refund from going out.  The IRS represenative told me that if they catch the refund before it goes out, it could make a difference on the time it will take to resolve my client's refund.  This reject code appears to inconsistent in its resolution.  Not good.
      • @MWCPA I just check the IRS e-file handbook and the reject code 902 means duplicate DCN was used to file the return and the code 900 means duplicate SSN was used to file the return.  Is this correct or incorrect?  Is the IRS just telling everyone this just to make individuals file a paper return because they are uncertain of this error themselves?  Why would they not share any info with me if someone has indeed used my SSN to file a return.  That is my SSN and have a right to know, and who would know this information better than the IRS?
      •  Not to be rude, but this is a forum for professional preparers using ProSeries.  Your questions/comments belong on the forum for whichever product you used.
      • And not to be rude to you, I have been seeing plenty of comments from regular people who are having these same error codes and wanted some insite on who else was having the same problems and what was told to me so I could be of assistance to someone else who is having the same problem. Thank you so on to the next comment
      • If I may ask, how did you find our humble litte forum?
      • I typed in the irs rejection code and your humble little forum pulled up. I felt it was necessary to leave a comment since I was reading other comments of everyday people like yourself having problems. Any other questions??
      • Yes.  What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
      • Is a bird and a hand worth 2 in a bush???????

       Having the same problem with my 1040.  What is up with this? 

      • Yes I call IRS you have to paper file the return  and do the form 8948 go along with it,  let them know what kind of rejected code that you have

        been rejedted without filing their

      Am I the only one struggling with how it was rejedted without filing?

      • Yes I am receving code R0000-902. It says the tax identification number has been used and accepted already. Does anyone know what this mean?? I mailed in my paper return along with a theft affadavit just in case someone did file a return in my name. I counted on my money and need to no how much time does this process takes??!!
      •  Now you're talking about your money.  Earlier it was about your clients.  You're still talking about rejects without filing.  How can you be rejected if you haven't filed?  Something is smelling like lutefisk. R0000-902 Taxpayer TIN in the Return Header must not be the same as a TIN of a previously accepted electronic return for the return type and tax period indicated in the tax return. So, as I said, how can it be rejected if you haven't filed.  And you never answered Dave's question about what kind of return.  Dang, if you want help, provide information.  
      • i am with this person who is having this problem...i dont think they are being slick....i filed e file and was rejected twice...once from tax slayer, and once from taxslayer...this same code kept popping up as the reason for my rejection. i dont understand because i use my ss number and my kids ss numbers every year. when i physically went in to the irs they said someone mya have used my ss intentionally or unintentionally. so i filled out a identity theft affidavit and that was it. i wanted a copy of the return and they said no...i didnt understand because if i am the taxpayer, with the ss number on file i should be able to access the return...then i could see what is really going on....i am poor and surely dont have much time to wait til they straighten this mess out....  
      •  You need to see a professional tax preparer.

      We have used e-filing for the past 15 years and this year our 1040 e-file tax return was rejected with this same error code.  The software imports all the Taxpayer personal information from the year before.  Nothing has changed as for our filing status or personal ID's.  Last week, my husband and I even went to one of our state Federal IRS offices and talked to a representative there.  They could not give us an answer as to why we would be rejected on this.  Several rep's looked at the "reject" on their computers.  They said if someone had used one of our SS#'s, they would also have had to have our date of birth.  It almost sounds like a problem with the IRS computers because we used 2 different income tax software programs, thinking the problem could be a glitch in the software, but both times we finished our taxes and then tried e-filing the return, it was rejected for the same reason.  Changing software was a suggestion from the rep's at the IRS office.  Now we've spent over $150 on software including state filing fees and we are still getting rejected!!!   I have rechecked all our information 3x's, everything is correct.

      It seems this is happening to a whole lot of people.  So many people won't be able to file electronically if this is a problem on the IRS end and continues with out a fix.  Can we believe there is tons of people who have had their SS#'s or other ID stolen over the past year and someone else is actually filing using their personal ID?  It is hard to believe that so many returns or taxpreparers are making typo's.

      What is really going on?


      • That's very interesting.  This could prove to be problem.  Unfortunately for my client it was identity theft.  The IRS rep I spoke to said a refund was scheduled to be released today for a thief.  I know the IRS cracking down on these thiefs.  I applaud them.  However, until we come up with a better authentication method for filing return, this will continue. I think we all need a identity theft PIN.
      • The first thing we thought was my husband's ID had been stolen, which is why we went to the IRS office.  He had filled out the Identity Theft form prior to  going and we took it along with our tax return and two forms of ID.  The rep we spoke with said she would take it, but they couldn't tell on their computers if someone had used his ID yet or not.  Said it was too early in the tax season to tell and they also thought it was too early in the season for ID Theft to start???? Seriously, I don't know how filing time would make any difference.  Anyway, to make a long story short, she advised us to NOT file the ID Theft form yet without trying other solutions because she said it would flag our tax return and we would not be able to e-file for 3 years! :(
      • Additionally, I should have added - our trip to the IRS Office was a week ago today (01-27-12), they also advised us to wait a few days and try again.  I did wait until yesterday to try efiling with TurboTax instead of H & R Block software and got the same results.  This is very frustrating because in order for someone to file taxes with your info they would have to have all your ID info; SS#'s, DOB and your e-file PIN, supposedly.  I guess they could file for a different PIN and use other employer info.  Or is the IRS having problems with their software? I would really like to e-file rather than paper file.
      • What software are you using?
      • The first time we e-filed this year, we used H & R Block.  Then after our return was rejected I switched to Intuit TurboTax.
      • Same rejection code with 2 different tax software.  After Googling this problem, it seems there are numerous tax returns being rejected for the same reason; Code R0000-902.  I have a hard time believing there would be that many Identity Thefts showing up on Tax Returns across the nation.  I hope that is not the case.  I have to wonder, since this doesn't appear to be a small number of isolated incidents, that it isn't an IRS programming problem.
      • It probably is an IRS problem.  PeggiSue, please understand that I'm really not trying to pick on you, but I'm wondering how you got onto this forum.  This is a forum for professional tax preparers who use Intuit's ProSeries.  We do occasionally get a stray here and try to be polite as long as they are.  But it's interesting that you used HRB first and now TT.  TT has it's own forum and I'm sure HRB does also.  Would you tell us how you landed here, please?
      • When I purchased the TT software I was asked to create an account online with TT.  I did that.  Then today when I was searching for IRS reject code 902 info I found this string, signed into my account, created a display name and waaaalaaaa, it let me post to this msg board. tilt53, no offense taken in asking how I got on this board.
      •  I'd bet a shiny new nickel that there's some IRS programming issue, and that in a week or so, there will be a new QuickAlert saying they fixed it.
      •   I agree with Phoebe.  I haven't heard of anyone that has proved this is identity theft for the 902 error.  Last I heard the IRS error code for taxpayer already filing a return under that TIN is error code 515.   Do your returns contain 515 as error code anywhere?
      •  I think the 902 code is the MeF equivalent of 515.
      • No, the 515 error code still represents "The primary SSN in return header must not be equal to the Primary SSN in another return filed for same year." Error code 510 represents "Spouse SSN in the header must not be equal to the Primary SSN in another return filed for same year." These are both exact messages after Default Mef Form on error acknowledgement. They were dated 1/27/12 and 1/28/12. As you may have guessed one of my clients had an identity theft this year. Switched taxpayer to spouse and got 2nd message above. But in my case it was documented by IRS agent. Client took return and SS cards and error report to IRS office. IRS agent looked on computer and found address, bank info and W2 info for the thief who filed in their place. None of these 902 errors have been documented as identity theft that I have seen. In fact the one who did go to IRS office was told nobody had filed for them. So I know the 515 error code is still the identity error code for someone filing a return before taxpayer.  I think the 902 error people have something else.  I still think it might have something to do with DCN matchup. 

       I would venture to guess that your Social security number was stolen and someone already filed a return this year using your social security IDENTITY THEFT.

      ...I happened to me this year, and I am right in the middle of all the red tape to solve this. Dont count on getting your return for oh  I'd say about 6 months or longer. Plus you'll be putting a [removed] of a lot of time in contacting the IRS  FTC all 3 credit reporting companies, filing affadavit (IRS form 14039) This has been a huge problem as of late...been on our local news etc.  Google is your friend here.  Good Luck!

      • ...I wanted to add that I filed using Turbotax online free edition. First rejection code was #0515...a few days later, after resubmitting,  it was a statement saying:  "Taxpayer TIN in return header must not be the same as a TIN of a previously accepted electronic return for the return type and tax period indicated in the tax return"

      I've been having this same issue.. I called the irs.. they do not even have a tax-return for my SS# for 2011, nothing on record for me since 2010.. so i am being rejected for NO reason.. I've even called the SS office to be sure no one is using it and they said everything looked fine. This is such a pain...!!!!


        I just found this IRS Publication for December 2011.

        This is confusing because the ERC 902 seems to have had several different meanings. None that I have found mean someone else has used the primary taxpayers SS#.  But that is the definition TT software is giving for it.


          Where is the DCN on a MeF?  I can not find it anywhere.

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