Where does Lacerte store the "System File Path" and "Option Path" values?

We run a network version of Lacerte.  In prep for 2019 we have moved to a new Windows 2019 server.  As instructed we copied the \\Lacerte\[YY]Tax\*.* to the new server and remapped the SAME drive letter to the new server.  For reasons I am unclear on our workstations have a mix of mapped drive paths and UNC paths in the "Settings" tab.  I would like to correct the UNC paths in the current 2018 and replace as many of them as possible with the mapped drive path now as I believe that when I install 2019 it will try to suck as much info as possible from the 2018 options files (and other locations?).

I went in to the setup.ini in the Setup[YY] folder and updated the UNC path, but suspect that this only impacts new installs.

I also went in to the OPT18 folder and updated the paths for the K1 location in the various OPT[NNN].w8 to use the mapped drive. I searched these files for the old server name and this was the only old value found.

I have at least 1 issue when I look at the F10 data that I see the "System File Path" and "Options Path" still pointing to the old UNC location. 

What file(s) hold this information and where else might I need to correct the old UNC paths?

FWIW, the server is currently still active so I am concerned an incorrect file path may access the old data.


Hi Steven,

There's a file for each year of the program called NetDir.w? (? is the year). It will be located in the 15tax,16tax,17tax directory on each workstation. This file is normally in C:\Lacerte\1?Tax\

17tax will have a file called netdir.w7.
18Tax will have a file called netdir.w8. 

You can open this file with notepad and change the path to the desired one. (See attached image)  

Additional Information: 
OPT files in your Option folder contain all the user options for each person. (close to 12,000 options total per user!)
OPT001.w8 might belong to Bob
OPT002.w8 might belong to Carlos
OPT003.w8 might belong to Sarah

Bob logs into his program.

First, the program reads the Netdir file to find the correct Option folder, Then it reads the Opindex to find the correct OPT file for Bob, Then it reads Bob's OPT001 file to load all the options for Bob. 

OPT00?.w? can be edited (Changes the Datapath)
OPMaster can be edited (Changes the Master options, which are the default set a new user gets)
Netdir can be edited (Changes the System file path)
Opindex is a list of people and contains Hex data so it should not be edited. 

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