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Our next post in Meet Our All-Stars features PhoebeRoberts, a long time and active member of our community! Thank you for your contribution Phoebe!

- Products: really just Lacerte. Some ProSeries / PTO / QB questions are really tax questions, so I get emails from those forums, too. But the only program I actually know how to work is Lacerte. I'm pretty good at making Lacerte do things it doesn't want to do! Tax-wise, I mostly know about oil and gas, partnerships, trusts, and Oklahoma.

- Business website:

- Business info: All we do is tax planning and preparation - no financial statements, compilations, reviews, audits, payroll, investment advice, or anything else.  Tax is complex enough without trying to know the rules for other areas. We help our clients make sense of the world, using tax returns as the starting point for the discussion.  Most of our advice is from a tax standpoint, because that is what we specialize in, but the value we bring to the table is in our willingness to listen; our ability to answer "the question behind the words" -- what our clients are truly concerned about, even if they can't articulate that concern themselves; and our desire to help our clients understand as much as they want to understand about their tax and financial situation. And we make house calls!

- Accomplishments: My 16 year old, who is the best teenager a parent could ask for, likes me and thinks I'm a good parent. My in-laws have lived with us for 17 years, and we still all like each other. I've worked for my mom and with my dad for 22 years, and we all still like each other. I've been with my spouse for 26 years, and we both still like each other.

- Fun Facts:

The biggest jigsaw puzzle I've done so far was 4,000 pieces. My puzzley ambitions are limited by the size of my dining room table.

My office is my childhood bedroom.

I became a CPA because that was easier than convincing my clients to stop referring to me as their CPA.

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