Does Statement Writer work for anyone in Quickbooks Accountant 2017?

QB Support is telling me that all 34 computers on our network are unable to run statement writer 2017 is because of a MSXML error on our machines. To prove my point I created a Win 7 VM (x86) machine with all updates,Acrobat DC, Office 2013 (32 bit)and Quickbooks Accountant 2017, and still cannot get it to work. I purposely installed a 32bit OS and all 32bit programs to make sure all programs versions were the same and it was not a 32/64bit mix problem.

I think the program is fundamentally broken and they will not admit it.

Example.. When opening Statement Writer from QB 2017, the QSW Update Manager prompts for installing update When it downloads the update to the %temp% directory. The file it downloads is "QSWSetup_x64.exe". This is clearly the 64bit update. So the installation fails because it is the wrong version.

If you skip the update and continue on, the program will start the MS Customization Installer and it will fail every time with a Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.dll did not succeed error.

So far I have tried both Windows 7 (32bit & 64bit), Windows 10 (64 bit), with Office 2010, Office 2013 and Office 2016 (all 32bit) as both local administrator and regular user, both Joined to a domain and standalone computers in multiple configurations and not once can I get Statement writer to work.

I cannot be the only person having this problem and yet I see no uproar or messages about this. Possibly because you cant tag "2017" or "Statement Writer" in the optional tags below...

So any ideas????



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"Acrobat DC"

This seems to conflict with QB. I recommend using Adobe Reader XI MUI, especially for W10.

Also, Office has to be installed as 32-bit; Microsoft warns you about issues with "third-party integration" and QB is "third-party" in this relationship. SW tells you 64-bit is fine, but I never use that.

I use it and it goes into a bit of an update loop, but cancel and then it loaded just fine.

"The file it downloads is "QSWSetup_x64.exe". This is clearly the 64bit update."

I believe that is recognizing a 64-bit OS. The Statement Writer is not 64-bit, that I have ever seen. It is in my x86 program folder.

It isn't showing that it works with Office 2016 yet. I have 2010 and 2016 installed on this computer.

Please see my attachment.

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