CA Bay Area Home Service Tax Business For Sale - closed post


Gross Revenue         ~ $89,000

     Discounts given       ~$5,000  (multi-client at same call, etc.)

Net Revenue              ~$85,000


Clients                 502

Sch. A                  277

        B                  163

        C                    72      Many clients w/more than 1 business

        D                  135

        E                    85      Many clients w/more than 1 rental property



1)     No need for a costly “client-visited” office.

2)     Can be operated comfortably from your home office.

3)     Ideal husband-wife operation.

4)     Seasonal consultants and/or office helpers can be easily used.

5)     If a “formal” office exists (or is desired), normal office hours, practices, etc, can be maintained there while the in-home service activities operate. This expands the client service hours available and provides the work-center for processing returns.

6)     There is very little competition in this home-service activity.

7)     “Forgotten” receipts or data are usually available at home.

8)     In-home service (for many activities) is currently popular.

9)     OUR OPERATING POLICY – During the normal filing season, our

     appointment schedule is 8a, 10a, 12p, 2p, 4p, 6p, 8p, and 10p. Having a

     full schedule, the risk of “losing data” is worrisome. When you end your

     day, if, for any reason, your collected client data are missing or garbled, it

     means rescheduling at a distant date…or…extending all the clients

     affected. Both are poor and distasteful options for the client.

Because of this, we do not use laptops (in homes) during the filing season

     We gather data and do a preliminary refund/liability workup on our own

     worksheets. This provides secure data for our office personnel to double-

     check and input…with zero risk of loss.

     During the non-season client visits, the risks of lost data are minimal, so

     laptops are fine.

10) The benefits to the client are many.

    a - no repeated “data-gathering” trips between home and office.

    b - children do not need a sitter.

    c - work is performed in the comfort and privacy of the home.

    d - refreshments/restrooms are readily available.

    e - client, parents, children, etc. can be serviced with a single visit.

    f - appointment time is easily kept.

    g - no late drives home after an 8P or 10P appointment.          

    h - bad weather is no inconvenience to the client. 

11) In-home service makes the 8P or 10P appointment more appealing.

12) Convenience of adding services (financial, etc. with records availability).

13) No unplanned drop-ins.

14) YOU set your schedule.

We will train you in how to maximize your scheduling.  Office equipment is available for purchase also.

For more information, please contact Sandi at

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