2018 Lacerte Tax Update is available for download on 7/18/2019 Release 9 (Version 39.0718). This update includes the following items;

Tax Planner

Today's update includes general updated details to the Intuit ProConnect Lacerte Tax Planner.

Federal Tax Planner updates as well as Arizona, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, and Wisconsin will be included in today's update.

This update requires a separate update to your Tax Planner.  To update your Tax Planner see Updating the Lacerte Tax Planner



CA E-file Rejection Error Code SCHD1-020 References Attached Form 4684

The following e-file reject message is received indicating the Form 4684 attachment is not included with the e-filed return:

Error Code: SCHD1-020 If Schedule D -1, Line 14 [NetGainLossForm4684] amount is significant then Federal Form 4684 must be attached to the state return.

Reject Resolution: Ensure that Federal Form 4684 is attached to the state return. Then, resubmit the CA return for Electronic Filing.

When viewing the return, this attachment is included in the xml, showing on line 14.


OH Akron Gambling/Lottery Winnings From IR Pate 2 Worksheet A Omits W2G Entries

When preparing an Akron, OH return Form IR page 2, Worksheet W says; Lottery winnings and supplemental unemployment payments must be included.  However,  entries made in the W2G input (Screen 13.2 & Screen 54.123) are not flowing as expected.  It appears to only pull wages from Screen 10.


OH RITA E-file Reject F37-SECTB-01B Due to Amount Missing on Schedule J

When e-filing a RITA return, the following reject message is received;

Error Code: F37-SECTB-01B Line 1b does not equal the total from Schedule J, Line 29, Column 7.

When reviewing the return these lines match.  However, the amount showing on line 1b is not appearing on Sch J in the e-file copy of the return.

Update Notes: When the resident city summary input screen is used, all items on the resident city summary must be overridden. The following diagnostic has been added to indicate this;

Please note: Once input is made in the input screen Ohio RITA Resident City Summary (EF Only), every item on the resident city summary must be overridden. Once you have reviewed the resident city summary is correct, you can ignore this diagnostic and transmit the return.


OH Oregon Generic Return Line 8c Reduction to OCTC When Toledo Passive Loss Not Taken

When preparing an Oregon Ohio City Generic return, and reviewing the amount on line 8c, it is reduced by the amount of loss reported on the Schedule E. The problem is that the Toledo loss is not taken into account for the taxable income of either city (passive loss not taken).


OR Credit Card Phone Number on Letter is Incorrect

When the option for Credit Card Info on letter is set to 'yes', the phone number that prints on the Oregon client letter is incorrect.  When contacted you receive a message; the number you're calling is not accepting calls from your phone number  and it directs you to call another number that has nothing to do with Oregon or tax payments.


WI Schedule CC Input Code 671 Unexpectedly Goes to Both Pages 1 and 2

When preparing a Wisconsin Schedule CC, page 1 is for Estate closing certificates while page 2 is for Trust closing certificates.

When entries are made in Screen 2.1, Misc Information in the field Fiduciary fees paid or payable (code 671) the information flows to BOTH pages 1 and 2, line 10.


US Partnership K-1 Export to Another Partnership Marked Compute Properties Separately Omits Information

When exporting a partnership K-1 to another partnership with compute properties separately marked in Screen 22 (code 318), only the first property is included instead of all properties listed on the statement for transfer.  This results in understated amount reported on Line 20 'Other Information'.

Solution Notes: Due to a program limitation the following diagnostic will be introduced; Box 20 - Only one set of separately stated Section 199A data was imported from Schedule K-1. Review this partners' Schedule K-1, box 20, Codes Z-AB statement and make the necessary entries in the Passthrough K-1's screen.   


IL E-file Reject IL1120B-310-4 Received When Partnership Subject to Section 163(j) Limitation

When Partnership is subject to the section 163(j) limitation it changes the Sch B Section B Col E and causes an e-file rejection;

Error Code: If FormIL1065 Step 1 Line F (PTP) does not contain an X, then the total of all occurrences of SchILB Line Section B Col E must equal the result of either FormIL1120ST Step 5 Line 35 plus FormIL1120ST Step 5 Line 24 plus SchIL1120M Step 3 Line 25 minus FormIL1120ST Step 4 Line 20 or FormIL1065 Step 5 Line 35 plus FormIL1065 Step 5 Line 26 and FormIL1065 Step 5 Line 27 minus FormIL1065 Step 4 Line 21.

Update Notes: IL1120B-310-4 Please remove any overrides entered for "Base income(loss) distributable [O]" in the Partner Miscellaneous Info. screen in the Illinois Miscellaneous section and re-transmit the return.

When reviewing form instructions, this should not be reducing the amount in Sch B column E.



US Form 990 Page 5, Line 16 Both Yes and No Are Checked

When overriding the Form 990, page 5, question 15 to be 'yes', line 16 is indicated as both 'yes' and 'no'.

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