Before you start:

  • Calculate all client files in your original program.
  • Remove any locks.
  • Remove any passwords
  • Remove any overrides made on forms which create new input fields (example: input fields that do not exist on forms by default)

What types of returns can I submit for data conversion?

  • Individual (1040)

How do I backup my data for conversion?

  1. Create a new folder on your C: drive named ConversionData before you begin the backup process (e.g., C:ConversionData).
  2. Open the TaxSlayer program and select 7. Configuration.
  3. Select  5. System / Network Configuration Menu.
  4. Look at 1. Are You Using a Network?
    • If it is YES then note the path in 4. Server Location.
    • If NO, then select 0. Exit, then 6. Path Menu, and note the path in 1. Installation Path.
  5. Close the TaxSlayer program.
  6. Browse to the directory found in step 4 above for your TaxSlayer program. The default location is: C:TaxSlayer2018Net.
  7. Select the DATA folder, right-click and choose Copy.
  8. Browse to C:ConversionData.
  9. Right-click and choose Paste.

How do I verify my backup is correct?

  1. Open C:ConversionData to view the files that have been backed up.
  2. Open the DATA folder.
  3. You should see the same contents as the folders in Step 7 above. The file names inside will be long combinations of letters and numbers.