What documents will and will not go with my e-file?

Item Will it E-file?
Partner Capital Account Reconciliation No
Client Notes Statements Yes
Control Totals No
Depreciation Schedule-20XX (Current or Future Year) No
Diagnostics No
e-file Form 8879 No
e-file Instructions No
e-file Instructions (ext only) No
Explanation of Changes on Amended Return Yes*
Federal Forms Yes
Filing Instructions No
General Elections Yes
General Info No
Invoice No
K1 Letter No
Letter No
Multi-State Apportionment Summary No
Oil & Gas Schedule No
Override Diagnostics No
Partner Allocation Percentages No
Slip Sheets No
State Form Yes*
Federal Statements Yes
Federal Worksheets No
Supporting Detail Statements No
Tax Summary No
PDF Attatchments Yes

* Only if that module and/or state supports e-file.

To Verify if a Form, Schedule and/or Statement is Included in E-file:

Solution #1: E-file View - After Transmission

  1. Go to the E-File menu.
  2. Choose E-File Support Tools.
  3. Select View E-File.
Solution #2: E-file Summary - During Transmission
  1. Go to the E-file menu.
  2. Select Step 2: Start e-file return wizard.
  3. Select federal and/or state forms to process.
  4. Choose Next.
  5. After the return has been successfully validated, and is ready to transmit, select the View Summary Report in the upper right corner.  

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