Problem Description

The Output File Name dialog box appears when printing to DMS from any application.

This dialog box does not appear when printing to DMS from the tax program. However, the document is not created in the client folder within the DMS program.

If you get this printing to DMS from only certain programs including but not limited to Internet Explorer, then please see Printing from Internet Explorer to DMS Results in 'Output File Name' Dialogue Box.

Note: This message can also appear when e-filing a return or requesting an eSignature, due to the auto-pdf attachment feature. 

Solution Description

This issue may be caused by incorrect DMS PDF Printer configuration or a corrupt Printer Driver.

Most PDF issues may be resolved by removing and reinstalling the DMS PDF Driver. To do so:

  1. Click the Start button and Choose Control Panel or type Control Panel into the Search field.
  2. Choose Devices and Printers.
  3. Right click on the DMS PDF Printer and choose Remove Device. Alternatively, if The DMS PDF driver does not show,  Right click on the Lacerte Tax PDF 4.0 and Choose Delete Print Queue> DMS PDF Printer.
  4. Browse to the DMS Program Folder (The location is normally at C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\DMS) and choose DMSSETUP.exe.
  5. Go through the Installation Wizard for DMS (Choose the Repair function) and it will re-install the PDF Driver.

 If the above does not resolve, please use the PDF and Component Repair Tools for Lacerte and ProSeries (click here for Lacerte or here for ProSeries) for download links and instructions.


If running the above tools does not resolve the issue, you may try configuring the DMS Printer Driver.
Manual Configuration
  1. Click the Windows Start button and choose Control Panel.
  2. Open the Devices and Printers applet.
  3. Right-click the DMS PDF Printer and choose Printer Properties.
  4. Click the Printing Preferences button.
  5. Remove the check next to Preview the Document  and then re-add the check.
  6. Next, the operating system will prompt with a Select Document Viewer window. Select the file DMSPrnt.exe located in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\DMS\  then click Open.
  7. Click the Destination tab.
  8. Select the File System radio button and then click the Options button.
  9. Click the drop-down arrow for the Destination file and select Document title.
  10. In the Default directory field, enter the following location:
  1. Click the OK button and then OK again.
  2. Attempt to print the document to DMS again.