How can I modify the eSignature email for my clients?

How can I update the eSignature email for my clients?

How do I setup the eSignature email for my clients?


Note- Do not directly copy and paste from Word. This will cause an error message when trying to send the eSignature Request. Instead, we suggest to copy and paste into Notepad first and then copy and paste from Notepad to the eSiagnture Email window.

Solution #1- To update/modify/setup the eSignature email for all clients:

  1. Navigate to the eSignature Dashboard.
  2. Click on Email Settings from the left navigation panel.
  3. Enter an Email Subject.
  4. Enter an Email Message.
  5. Click Save.

Solution #2- To update/modify the eSignature email for a specific client:

  1. Navigate to the Request an eSignature window.
  2. Enter the Subject.
  3. Enter the Message.
  4. Click Request eSignature.
Note: The information entered in the Email for a specific client will be sent as soon as you click the Request eSignature button.