To Enter Multi-State Information from a K-1:

Federal Amount Column:

Data entered in the Federal Amount column will flow to the US and resident state returns.

State, if Different Column:

This column is ONLY used when there is a tax law difference between Federal and State(s).  This creates an adjustment on the state return, e.g. ordinary income is different between Federal and state due to different Section 179 limitations. This column is most commonly used for the Resident State when working with a multi-state return.

State Source Amount:

This column is used for entering state specific amounts for non-resident states, on a multi-state return.


Using the (CTRL+E) Source Override Function on the Federal Amount Column:

Using the N Source Code - Federal Amount Column: 

Sourcing an amount to US with a code 'N' will tell the program to report this amount only on the Federal return.
Note: states based on Federal amounts will continue to pull items with an 'N'.

Using the S Source Code - Federal Amount Column:

Sourcing an amount to a state with code 'S' will tell the program to report this amount directly to State return, bypassing the Federal return.

Note: To remove the sourcing of 'N' or 'S', use the drop-down and select the blank option listed first.