How do I delete, remove, or clear Form 1040X (amended return) from a client file after it has been generated?


Follow these steps to clear an amended return:

  1. Go to Screen 59, Amended Return (1040X).
  2. Press Ctrl+W on your keyboard to switch to Batch Mode.
  3. Click on 59 1040X from the left navigation panel (if not already selected).
  4. Click on the very first code listed under the Code column. (The first code listed should be 1).
  5. Press and hold Ctrl+D.  All Codes, Amounts, Descriptions... should now be deleted.
  6. Press Ctrl+W after all codes have been removed to return to Interactive Mode  Note: You may also need to do this for the state.
  7. Click on the state in the left column and repeat steps 2 through 5.
  8. Click on the Forms tab.
  9. Verify that Form 1040X is no longer in bold.

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