How can I disable an e-file critical diagnostic to e-file a return?

Lacerte is generating an e-file critical diagnostic in error, how can I disable this diagnostic to e-file my Taxpayer's return?


When e-file diagnostics are present in a return, but those diagnostics are believed irrelevant/erroneous, there is an option to disable the e-file diagnostic error checking.

Examples of irrelevant/erroneous e-file diagnostics include:

  • Diagnostics related to the return, when only the extension is ready to be e-filed (or vice versa).
  • Diagnostics related to states that are not ready to be filed.
  • Diagnostics related to state returns that will not be e-filed.
  • A critical diagnostic may trigger in error due to a program defect.

Caution! This process allows e-filing in Lacerte; if the e-file diagnostics are valid and relevant, the return may be rejected by the taxing authority.


Follow these steps to Disable the E-file Error Checking System:

  1. Click on the Clients tab (to view the list of your clients).
  2. Highlight the Client file.
  3. Click on E-File
  4. Click on E-file Support Tools.
  5. Click on Disable E-file Error.
  6. Click OK to the information dialog box "E-file diagnostic error Checking has been disabled."


Follow these steps to Send the E-file After the E-file Diagnostics have been Disabled:

  1. Highlight the Client file.
  2. Click on E-file.
  3. Click on Step 2, Start e-File Return Wizard.
  4. Go through the e-file wizard to send the return.

If there are multiple returns with erroneous/irrelevant diagnostics, you should go through the "Disable e-file Error" process separately before e-filing each one.


  • After each return is transmitted, error-checking is automatically enabled. It only affects one e-file event at a time.
  • The e-file error checking will also enable automatically after a period of time if a return is not transmitted immediately, or if the client file is opened before transmission.
  • Disabling e-file error checking does not always result in a successful e-file transmission. The transmission can still fail. Make sure to review the details within your reject message if this occurs.