How do I generate an amended return for Form 1040?  Amending a 1040?

Before You Begin: It is recommended a client copy be created so you have the originally filed return as one client, and the amended as the other.

Amending the Copied Return

Follow these steps to generate the Amended Return:

  1. Go to Screen 59, Amended Return (1040X) (Before correcting the return)
  2. Click on the Federal/State return(s) to amend (Ctrl+T) (MANDATORY) drop down menu 

  3. Select all Returns to Amend from the Amend Returns window
  4. Click OK after selecting the Returns to Amend
  5. Click OK to the Information window (verify the date and time indicated is correct before continuing)
    • Note- After clicking OK to this Window, Lacerte will automatically bring over original amounts from the return into the Original Amounts column on Screen 59, Amended Return (1040X).
  6. Go through the various input screens to make the necessary corrections (If the Wages were entered incorrectly on the original return, go to Screen 10, Wages, Salaries, Tips to correct the wage amount)
    • Note- Make sure the F4 status of the return is not marked as "Return Complete." The amounts will not auto-populate in this instance.
If you delete the original return, you will lose all of the e-file information and statuses for the return. Copying the return allows you to keep the original and the associated e-file information, and edit the copied return. The copy only copies the internal information of the return such as the amounts.


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