How do I use the "Download Next Year's Product" feature in Intuit ProConnect ProSeries Professional Edition or Intuit ProConnect ProSeries Basic Edition?


Download Next Year's ProSeries Product from within the current year program:

If you are connected to the Internet, you can use the "Download Next Year's ProSeries Product" feature within the ProSeries program to easily initiate the download and install next year's product when it becomes available and based on the auto renewal processing date for the account.

Important!: The Download Next year's ProSeries Product feature requires an active Fast Path subscription be present on the account in order to function. An active Fast Path subscription is added to all accounts when a new year of ProSeries is purchased.

To Download Next Year's ProSeries Product:

  1. Open most current installed year of the ProSeries program.  Note: If you haven't operated this tax year for a while, it is often encouraged to retrieve product updates, before proceeding with Step 2.
  2. Click the Help menu and select Download Next Year's ProSeries Product (Download Next Year's ProSeries Basic Product for ProSeries Basic customers).
  3. Review the on-screen instructions.  When complete, click OK
  4. ProSeries will check for the license and active Fast Path subscription. If a license and active Fast Path subscription are found the next year of the ProSeries program will automatically download and begin the install process.  It might be necessary to update to the latest version and re license for the Fast Path to show as active in that year.