Items to Note

The main purpose of this conversion is to get your data ready for the following tax year. Therefore, viewing a Form 1040 will not display the same results that had been filed. The CrossLink conversion is very limited and includes only the basic information seen below.

Individual Converted Items (1040)

The titles in the following list correspond to the titles on the Contents screen of the Lacerte tax program.

Client Information Input Screen 1

Taxpayer Last Name
Taxpayer First Name and
Taxpayer Initial and Title
Taxpayer Social Security Number
Taxpayer Occupation
Taxpayer Age or Date of Birth
Taxpayer Date of Death
Was Taxpayer claimed as dependant
Taxpayer: 1=Blind
Taxpayer E-Mail Address
Taxpayer Work Phone
Taxpayer Cell Phone
Taxpayer Home Phone
Taxpayer Driver’s License information
Spouse Last Name
Spouse First Name
Spouse Initial and Title
Spouse Social Security Number
Spouse Occupation
Spouse Age or Date of Birth
Spouse Date of Death
Spouse 1=Blind
Spouse E-mail Address
Spouse Work Phone
Spouse Cell Phone
Spouse Driver’s License information
Street Address
Apartment Number
ZIP Code
Foreign Address – Country

Filing Status

Married Filing Jointly
Married Filing Separately
Head of household
Qualifying Widow(er)

Dependent Information Input Screen 2

First Name
Last Name
Title / Suffix
Social Security Number
Age or Date of Birth
Earned Income Credit
Months Lived at Home

Direct Deposit / EF Input Screen 3

Financial Institution 1,2,3:  1= Savings, 2=Checking
Financial Institution 1,2,3:  Account number
Financial Institution 1,2,3:  Bank Name