List of data that will be brought over in a migration from ProSeries to Lacerte

Items to Note

The main purpose of this conversion is to get your data ready for the following tax year.  Therefore, viewing a Form 1040 or business equivalent form will not display the same results that had been filed.  Some of the data is also placed in input fields that appear to be incorrect but are used as place holders.  When the return has been proformad to the following year, these amounts will go to the correct input fields.

For the Individual program, additional data will be converted to help fill out an organizer.  (An organizer is a questionnaire given to the client to help “organize” information for the following tax year.)  Information such as wages on a W2 are converted to help fill out the prior year amounts for an organizer.  This will result in Form 1040 looking similar but not identical to what was filed during the tax year.  Again, viewing a Form 1040 will not display the same results that were filed with your other program.

A two year summary is completed by the conversion using amounts that were filed on the tax return.  These amounts are extracted during the conversion & placed into the prior year summary screen.  When the return is proformad to the following tax year, these amounts get copied over to allow an accurate two year comparison.

Number of Assets - The conversion program converts a maximum of 2,500 assets per client file.

Items noted in RED do not convert & will require manual input.  The note will provide the input screen number in Lacerte where to enter the amount.  Consult the Contents screen for screen number & name for reference.