How will I know which states require this information?

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Tax Year 2018: (This information may change as State agencies update information in preparation of TY2018 e-file.)

Most states will gather this information in an effort to combat stolen-identity tax and refund fraud.  Though the information is not required by all states, it is recommended. Please click a state to view each State's individual Driver's License expectations (if available).

Important Notes:

  • *Federal: Beginning in Tax Year 2016 the Federal return requires an 'identity verification level' to be assigned to each electronic return.  When ID Type, 'Driver's License Number' is selected, additional detail concerning the license or identity card must be entered.  For more details please view FAQ Q2 here: Taxpayer Authentication and Theft Protection PIN Input
  • ProSeries *Federal:  New beginning in TY 2016 Federal Identity Verification Worksheet (click here for more information)
  • Paper File: States who also require Driver's License or State ID in order to paper file are in bold.
Agency Driver's License and State ID Collected e-File Requirement
Federal/IRS yes yes*
Alabama  yes yes*
Arizona yes  no 
Arkansas yes no
California yes no
Colorado yes no
Connecticut yes  yes* 
Delaware no  no 
District of Columbia yes no
Georgia yes no
Hawaii no no
Idaho yes  no 
Illinois yes  no 
Indiana yes no
Iowa yes no
Kansas yes  no 
Kentucky yes  no 
Louisiana no no
Maine yes  no 
Maryland yes  no 
Massachusetts yes  no 
Michigan yes no
Minnesota no no
Mississippi yes no
Missouri yes  no 
Montana yes  no 
Nebraska yes  no 
New Hampshire no no
New Jersey yes  no 
New Mexico yes yes
New York yes  yes
New York City no no
North Carolina yes  no 
North Dakota yes no
Ohio yes yes*
Oklahoma yes   no  
Oregon yes  no 
Pennsylvania yes  no 
Rhode Island yes no
South Carolina yes  no 
Tennessee yes  no 
Utah yes no
Vermont yes no
Virginia yes  no 
West Virginia yes  no 
Wisconsin yes  no 


* Alabama  "ADOR is requiring additional information this filing season in an effort to combat stolen identity tax fraud and ensure that your hard-earned tax refund goes to you and not criminals. When you electronically file your Alabama income tax return, you will be required to provide information from your driver's license or state-issued identification card." AL DOR website

* Connecticut - Effective for Tax Years 2016 and going forward, the taxpayer’s driver license or state identification information is now required for electronic filing. If the primary taxpayer has been issued a driver license or state identification card, then they should provide that information to be entered into the software. Taxpayers need to provide the license or identification number, issuing state, issuing date, and expiration date for their licenses or identification cards. If filing jointly, the secondary taxpayer should also provide their driver license or identification information if they have a driver license or state-issued identification card. If a taxpayer does not have a driver license or state-issued identification, then they can check the box indicating that they do not have one.

* New Mexico - As part of the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department’s security measures to protect taxpayers against identity theft related to refund fraud, tax returns require the taxpayer's driver license or state identification number, the state that issued it, and the issue date, or the word None. If this required information is omitted, the Department considers the returns incomplete.

* Ohio - Taxpayers will be asked to provide the information from their driver’s license or state-issued identification card. For taxpayers who do not have a driver’s license or state ID card, they will have the option to indicate such and still be allowed to e-file.

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